171 – A 2016 / Engine, it sports a 1500 GPM (gallons per minute) pump and a 1000 gallon water tank with 20 gallons of foam. The interior includes seating for six personnel, five of which are S.C.B.A. This engine carries 1000 feet of 5′ hose, 5 pre-connected attack lines, a deck gun, multiple hand tools, thermal imaging camera as well as a multi-gas meter. This engine is our 1st due for all Fires.


172 – A 2008 Rosenbauer Engine Rescue, it includes a 1250 GPM pump, a 1000 gallon water tank, and a 30 gallon class A foam tank. Interior seating allows for eight personnel, five of which are S.C.B.A. This engine has 1000 feet of 5′ hose and 4 pre-connected attack lines, a cutters edge saw, BlitzFire portable monitor, deck gun, thermal imaging camera, multigas meter, and many miscellaneous tools. This engine is our 2nd due for all fires and 1st due for Mutual Aid Water Supply


Truck-17 – A 1987 100′ Sutphen Tower Ladder, it has a 1250 GPM pump but has no water. It seats a total of four personnel, three of which are S.C.B.A. This truck carries 500 feet of 5′ hose on it, along with many different sizes of ladders including: 3- 28 ft, 1- 16 ft, 1- 10 ft, 1- 24 ft, 1- 35 ft, 1- 14 ft A- Frame and 1 – attic ladder. This truck is a rolling toolbox; it packs a thermal imaging camera and many miscellaneous hand and ventilation tools on board. This is the only tower/ladder truck in the Town of Hoosick. It protects our village and provides mutual aid to surrounding communities.